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College Athletics Program Requirements

Information for College Bound Athletes

As a college bound student athlete you are responsible for your eligibility. More information about eligibility and recruiting requirements is on each athletic association’s website below. Please keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Learn about the different associations connected with your sport and colleges of interest. 

  • Research colleges you are interested in for both an academic/major and athletic program match. 

  • Plan ahead by mapping out coursework that fulfills both academic sports eligibility and college admission requirements. 

  • Take high school classes seriously, and focus on maintaining grades. 

  • Protect your amateur status. 

  • Be aware of recruiting requirements and calendars.

  • Contact your counselor if you have questions about your academic plan, or if we can help you access resources. 

Athletic Associations

Each university offering collegiate sports must apply for affiliation to a college sports division. The following are different associations. More information about colleges, eligibility, and recruitment rules can be found on their websites.